Friday, December 12, 2008

It is official....We are having a.......

So I had my level II ultrasound yesterday morning and what an experience it was. My eyes were teary the entire time... and i think i had a silly grin the whole time. The whole time I was laying there while the first ultrasound tech did her thing, was pray. I prayed for thanks that God brought me to this point. A point where, in my darkest days, seemed impossible and would never happen.  I prayed that all was well with my baby that i was seeing on the t.v. screen in front of me. The tech wouldn't say too much (she was also training) and occasional made positive comments like how amazing it all was, and how much the baby was moving...i couldn't tell the baby was moving, actually i thought the baby seemed too still, but occasionally i would catch the baby move their hands and or legs.  I was relieved when the tech focused on the heart and i heard the heart beating. A big reassurance!

Then the second tech came in, the experienced one, and she went over some of the same measurements the first tech did and warned me that they would spend a lot of time on the heart and it was standard procedure. It did not mean anything was wrong at all... which i thanked her for letting me know. I would have certainly worried my own little heart out. But all looked great. The baby was not very cooperative and was in a position that wouldn't allow the tech to get the pictures she needed for the Dr. She would poke at the baby and baby would swat back with their little was very darling and so magical.  The baby is actually positioned under my belly button, and seemed very comfortable there. It would explain why my belly button area has been hurting and feeling some stretching pain lately.... it's been the baby the whole time! Well, the tech went to see if we would be able to determine gender, and she said the baby had their legs closed. Of course the baby would... the baby was being a bit difficult to work with... just behaving stubbornly!! LOL

Somehow the experienced tech was able to get beneath the baby and get the "Money Shot". We got to see from beneath that we are having a.....................


That is right, we are having a Jr. due May 1st!! He measured right on target to where i'm at and was weighing approximately 11 ounces!!! Simply amazing.  He was all ready displaying daddy's characteristics!!! When the tech finished and went to get the dr., there was a few minutes where i was sitting up and when the dr. came in to review the ultrasound pictures and take a look for herself, my son had gone to sleep!!! The dr. attempted to get the few pictures of the his heart that he wouldn't allow before and it took forever to get him to wake up, and the dr. could not get him to wake up. She would poke (rather hard too) at him with the ultrasound 'wand' and still he would not cooperate. I had to shift and lay on my side and that seemed to get him to move. And this was after being lowered a few times on the table laying on my back. He also seems to be camera shy like his father. My hubby doesn't like taking pictures and when the tech tried (on several attempts) to get a good profile shot of my son, he would immediately lift his hands to cover his face or drape it over his forehead . the tech was able to snap a couple profile was very funny!!!  i don't know how to post pictures up here, but i promise that i will learn!!! I will have some more free time beginning in January and I will not rest until i learn how.....i'm sure it is quite simply too!!!

Overall, the scan took about an hour and a half.  It was all just amazing that we have the technology to see a child inside the womb and see their little hands and feet, cute little toes, and their spine, heart and other vital organs. Simply A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!! I feel ever so grateful to God that this is possible. I'm looking forward to the following 20 weeks or so (i am exactly 20 weeks today!!) And will continue to find amazement in the whole process as my body changes, and just simply to believe that after our very long, painful, emotional and frustrating journey we are almost there.... becoming the family my husband and I had dreamt and planned on.  God is Great and God is good!! Thanks be to God!


Polly Gamwich said...

Yay!! How wonderful, I am SO happy everything went well and that you're getting a little fire hose! (boys pee in the air, or so I'm told ;-) I will bet the hubby is THRILLED!

I can't believe the appt took 1.5 hrs ... that's crazy long. I bet it was exhausting and wonderful all at the same time. Are you sending out Christmas cards with you and your beautiful belly? Do we get to see a pic?

Krista said...

Cara--congrats! I lost touch with so many people when Babycenter changed and everyone jumped ship. I saw your name on mybabyish and was so excited to see that you were posting on the May 2009 birth board...Congrats on your little man! I, too, am expecting. This will be our 3rd and last. I am so very excited for you!!!

Polly Gamwich said...

Just wondering how you're doing ... haven't heard from you in awhile ... big day is coming up soon - unless it's passed us by??

Hope you're doing ok!