Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Updating..... and ALMOST 20 weeks!!!

Where does time go??? I can not believe how quickly time goes by and there has been so much going on it is no wonder that it is passing me by.  I do apologize for no updates since 13 weeks!!!! Here I am a couple of days away from being 20 weeks, the half way mark!! Time is certainly moving faster, yet seems to creep by!! I have my "BIG" ultrasound tomorrow.  I haven't seen my baby since i was just over 10 weeks.... i can imagine how big he or SHE is!! but then again i can't imagine!!! I of course pray for a healthy baby, but would love to have  a little girl.... hubby of course hopes for a boy.... in the end it doesn't matter, as long as the baby is healthy. I'm very nervous and pray for a great ultra sound. Unfortunately, being fertility challenged, I have heard and read too many stories of pregnancies gone wrong.... i lived it within my own family with my sister just last year! While i think and pray for our little angel that grew wings before being born, i do focus on my niece that is here with us.  It will be okay! I keep telling myself that at least!!

RE: Gestational Diabetes: 
I have a pretty good handle on it and is  under control. My diabetes nurse and dietician are always very pleased with my sugar levels.  I have managed to eat what i'm supposed to, while able to indulge on occasion on the foods that aren't so good for me or GD.  I am proud of the self control i manage to keep when out and about and trying to eat right when the options are so limited. For example, we had a birthday dinner for a family friend last friday night, and it was at a Mexican food restaurant. Now for those of you who don't know, Mexican food isn't the most GD friendly food (I am mexican and boy do i miss out on some of mami and papi's homemade food) I ate about 1/4 cup or less of rice and beans, only had one chicken enchilada and one beef flauta and loaded up on the green salad that was thankfully available. It was buffet style so all you can eat. Now i ate, and like usual, i wasn't full, and simply content....which isn't very fun!! But i fought the urge to eat another enchilada or load up on beans and rice (which were sooo very yummy) but my resistance paid off. My blood sugar level an hour level was 122 (levels an hour after meals should be less than 120) and a point or 2 over is nothing anyone ever gets concerned. i thought for sure my level would be in the high 130's or even 140's.  I rewarded myself with sharing a piece of birthday cake with my hubby.... believe had my levels been higher i would not indulge.  I handle the sweets and treats as rewards, if i'm doing really well with my sugar levels then i will give in and have  an extra slice of pizza, or i will have the big mac for dinner friday night.  I've only gained 6 pounds this pregnancy and this great, no one wants me to gain more than 10 to 15 pounds all together.  

RE: Pregnancy in general: 
Feeling well. Shortly entering the 2nd trimester i've had a bout of headaches. Most of the time they are sinus related and other times i can't seem to figure out what triggers them. They sometimes come out of nowhere, other times i wake up with one. I am prone to migraines, and i feel fortunate that i don't have migraines, and they are just small dull headaches. Tylenol sometimes helps, other times it doesn't. I have taken benadryl (okayed by OB and recommended by her too) and it has helped, but most of the time i try to just tough it out. I go a few days where i'm free of headaches and i'm thankful for those days!! I frequent the bathroom, and seem to have a routine at night...which i see it as preparation for baby. I use the restroom before bed, then usually between 12:30 and 1 am, i make a trip, and then again at 3:30-4 am... most nights these trips are without fail, on a rare occasion i get up only once or not at all, and other rare nights i get up 3 times. I usually hate waking up between 4:30 and 5 am, since most of the time i find myself awake for a long while after getting up. I am usually falling back to sleep when it is time to get up for work!!!

I have started to feel some movement too!! I was about 17 weeks when i felt 4 quick taps, nothing since. I usually feel some flutters or what i assume are flutters. Most of the time i feel it with a little bit of discomfort.... so i'm not always sure it is the baby or just some more stretching.  I also have sciatic nerve pain and some days and nights it is no problem, other days and nights it is quite painful. Usually after a very active day, my right leg and hip would hurt really bad. I have had it pretty much since the started gradual. Just some numbness in my right thigh if i laid or sat in one position for too long. By 10 weeks i was noticing the numbness when i also stood for longer than 5 minutes, by 13 weeks it would also occur if i walked for longer than 15-20 minutes and my hip would start to hurt. I did have an ultra sound to be sure to rule out a blood clot. No blood clot and so nurse practitioner said it was sciatic nerve pain. Since i have had back problems in the past, and possible a slipped disk, it had to be it.  I do stretching and in walking more often (i have to walk more anyway to help with GD) it has helped.  There are days where it is too much. The very worst pain and discomfort is when it hurts and have a burning sensation run through my thigh and my hip joints hurt and nothing helps alleviate the pain. If it every gets to bad, nurse said she would refer me to physical therapy.  I sure hope it doesn't get to that.

Other than that all is going well. I am always nervous of course and think i will always be nervous in some way until i delivery a healthy baby.....and then again, after birth i'm nervous about a whole set of new problems!!! LOL

Well i sure hope to be able to update with ultrasound results after my appointment... if not tomorrow, then certainly by Friday!!! 

I also wanted to send out a hello to all my Fertility Challenged sisters.  I know the wait is agonizingly long and very frustrating. Please know that i pray for you all all the time and know that your turn is soon coming too!!! The wait is unbearable and so frustrating and most of soooo painful, but it will happen!!! I continue to pray for you all and know soon you will share your experience of impending motherhood.


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